Exclusive Womens Retreat


Clear my Complexion

This invigorating Facial Traetment ideal for those with a build up of toxins and blemishes will drain toxins and improve circulation. Inflamation and rebalancing is achieved with specialised  ingredients refreshing and oxygenating the skin. Ideal with LED. (1 hr)



This is a non-invasive gentle process using oxygen diamond Dermabrasion. Removes dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, exfoliates your skin and leaves your skin; glowing, smooth and healthy with improved skin texture.

Regular treatments will improve skin conditions such as: fine line, age spots, sun damaged skin, acne scarring, hyper pigmentation and stretch marks. (40min)


Organic Anti-Ageing Facial

This is a specifically designed treatment for sensitive skin. This helps reduce irritation, as well as boosting vital sources of vitamins and anti-oxidants deep within the skin tissue. The result leaving your skin feeling smoother, softer and rejuvenated without any sign of irritation. (40 min)


Optional Addition - LED Treatment


Signature Photo facial with Delux Oxyjet

Indulge your skin in this ultimate mix of state of the art LED light technology and Oxyjet wrinkle treatment. Pressure injection to the deeper layer with all Multivitamin and serum.


Uplifting Skin Facial with Delux Oxyjet Treatment

Strong, non-surgical face lifting procedure firms the skin and tightens facial muscles. This highly effective rejuvenation treatment is completely chemical free, and contains many nourishing ingredients that are vital for skin detoxification, and collagen regeneration. Oxygen is infused into the skin using the pressure injection method, no needles used. The result promises to reduce signs of ageing, and leaving the skin more purified, smooth and youthful. Feel the difference from the very first treatment.

Over a continued period of treatments your skin will feel like it has been deeply purified and completely rejuvenated. (70min)



Deep Extractions

A deep cleansing, exfoliating with extraction and Anti-inflammatory cream.

Face:     $99

Add mask: (Extra)            $29

Gold mask: (Extra)           $29

“Gold Mask” Anti-Ageing Facial

This treatment deeply cleanses the skin by exfoliation, using galvanic to firm the skin and infuse vitamins and nutrients. This aids the repair and rejuvenation of the skin.

The treatment will improve skin texture, discolouration and minimise the appearance of pores.

(60 min)

Multipolar Firming Treatment

We use the Radio frequency (RF 3 ) machine to reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin. The multipolar treatment send high frequency waves the permeate the epidermis and generates heat that result in the contraction of collagen and generate of new collagen. This help with smoothing and plumping the skin, giving it a firmer, more youthful, appearance.

A series of treatment is recommended to best result. The advantages of the multipolar treatment are Gentle –Virtually painless with minimal discomfort. Low risk treated skin tissue can be controlled precisely. Non –invasive, no downtime, long lasting improvements in the skin.

Derma Roller / Skin Needling

To stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin fibres for a firmer smoother skin.


Cosmetic Tattooing

Feather Brows / 3D Brows

Feather Brows are a beautiful natural tattooing technique that looks like real hair. This semi-permanent application is the pinnacle in eyebrow tattoo technology.

There is no ‘one size fits all', our talented eyebrow artists will design your new brows around your features and skin tone, creating a perfect match, with thicker, longer ends or simply to fill in the gaps.

You can now have the eyebrows you have always wanted. If you suffer from over-plucking, ultra light or just wish to enhance your arches, then Feather Touch Tattooing is going to change your life.

$399 (2 hours)

Touch Up

After 4-6 weeks you will require a touch up session. This session is to assess and perfect your brows. During this procedure any gaps not visible during your initial session will be addressed.

$150 (1 hour)

Yearly Touch Up 1-1.5 yrs

Recommended touch ups to keep your brows beautiful.

$200-$300 (1.5 hours)

After 1.5 Years plus

This will be full cost of whatever the going rate is to reshape and tattoo the Feather Brows.


Powder Brows/Ombre Brows

Ombre brows are lighter at the start of the eyebrow then gets darker, the Ombre effect comes from using two different brow colours, one lighter than the other. It is more natural looking than solid colour.

$499 (2 hours)

Body Massage (Swedish massage or Aromatherapy)

30 mins: $49       1 hour:  $89​

Hot Stones Massage 

30 mins:$59        1 hour:$99

Full Body Spray Tan $35
Waxing Costs

Eyebrow with shape     $39

Chin                              $15

Lips                               $15

Full Leg                         $45

Half Leg                        $25

Half Arm                       $25

Full Arm                        $25

Standard Bikini             $25

Extended Bikini            $40

XXX Brazilian              $60


Eyebrow                       $25        

Eyelash                         $25

Natural Peel/Skin Renewal

A results based, deep exfoliating skin treatment using a combination of lactic acid and Australian native plant extracts to intensively hydrate the skin, fade pigmentation, reduce the appearance of fine lines, control acne and create a smooth texture.

Treatment includes : Double cleanse, AHA/BHA peel, Exfoliation, treatment mask

Advanced Anti-Ageing / Royal lift

This four step gentle treatment is designed to effectively reduce dark blemishes and dullness of the skin. Deep cleansing, exfoliation and white wash. For the final touch we use a special ultrasonic machine device to massage potently nourishing vitamins and other skin foods deep into the layers of the skin. This increases moisture and vita hydration, the result leaves your skin brighter and visibility improves pigmentation, reduces congestion in most skin types leaving your skin smoother and glowing.

This treatment can be combined with LED light.


Add LED light $59.90


On the Go Facial

This facial consists of a quick 20mins Facial that is nourishing, moisturizing, exfoliation, cleansing technique leaving your skin glowing and refreshed.

Perfect for a busy person.


New Summer Special Available

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